Secrets, The Angelus

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Collection : Dupuis

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Secrets, The Angelus n° 1

Secrets, L'Angélus - tome 1/2

Just when it seemed that nothing was likely to draw Clovis out of the somewhat sad torpor of his daily routine, what with its unchallenging work, joyless family life and an almost non-existent social life, a discovery in the Orsay Museum turns his world upside down: the "Angelus" of Millet. The new emotions that this work of art arouses in him lead him to explore the hidden meaning behind the painting. Troubled by Dali's versions of the piece, he is convinced that the key to the mystery lies there. At the same time, he explores the personal memories that this painting has unexpectedly caused to resurface...

A new facet in the "Secrets" collection that calls on one of the great mysteries of art history.

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