Born on 12 April 1962 in Anderlecht (a suburb of Brussels), Benoît Drousie, otherwise known as Zidrou, studies to become a teacher and will exercise this profession for some six years, something that will return in his future writing.

His first published script is illustrated by De Brab and appears in the 1991 Christmas issue of SPIROU ("La triste fin du Père Noël"). The following year, he sets up a kind of scriptwriter's studio with his friend Falzar and starts to lay siege to publishers to get them to place his countless projects written under the alias of des Potaches.

From 1993, his work starts to invade the animation pages and complete stories of SPIROU magazine. In chronological order of appearance of his illustrators, he supplies brilliant and finely judged material to Wasterlain, Dan, Godi, Ernst, Clarke, Deliège, Evrard, Blatte, Fournier, Darasse, Bercovici, Glem, Jannin, Saive, Lemaître, Midam, Gazzotti, Mandryka, Éric Maltaite, Borrini, Will, Deth, Arenas, Thiriet, Gauthier, E411, Guilhem, Duclozeau, Piroton, Mazel, Bodart, Bosschaert, Wozniak, Plessix, etc.

It is no surprise that a number of his accomplices for the odd comic book page then make a more lasting commitment and create a series together with him. In 1992, he launches "Margot et Oscar Pluche" with his friend Falzar and De Brab the illustrator for Casterman, where the little girl and her funny little dog will feature in six albums through to 1997. The likeable duo and its entire family - regularly expanded! - will move to Dupuis the following year and feature in a new series of magnificent albums entitled "Sac à Puces".

In 1995, he asks Jean-Claude Fournier to do the animations for a series of gastronomic gags, "Les Crannibales", a chronicle that is heavily seasoned with black humour.

Soon after he turns his attention to the respectable editor in chief of SPIROU and his work, producing an iconoclastic parody on this subject. This impertinence is such a source of embarrassment to the illustrator that he draws his vulgar "Boss" caricatures under the alias of Thelonius for some time. But Bercovici puts his real name to the albums, assuming responsibility for his graphic composition.

At Éditions du Lombard, Godi illustrates Zidrou's "Élève Ducobu" albums, based on both personal and professional memories.

Zidrou is also the author of twenty or so children's books published by Casterman, Nathan and Hachette, including the "Petit Dagobert" series, illustrated by Godi, in the "Bibliothèque Rose" collection.