Pascale Bourgaux: Great Reporter

For ten years she followed the story of Mamour Hasan, a warlord in the north of Afghanistan, along with his family and his village. In 2001, he put his personal army in the service of a famous commander named Massoud. Together, their troops fought against the Taliban.Today, some ten years later, the village is about to change sides and join the Taliban forces. A large proportion of their former fighters, including Mamour Hasan's eldest son, have grown impatient with the continued Western presence in their country and have chosen to support the Taliban instead. Just how, in this bastion of anti-Taliban resistance, has such a dramatic change come about?Pascale Bourgaux entitled her report, "The Tears of the Afghan Lord". A perfect example of objective journalism, she is only ever behind the camera. But this comic, inspired by the experience of filming, turns the camera around on Pascale Bourgaux herself; her experiences, her feelings, and the difficulties she faced... The life of a great reporter!
Collection : Aire Libre
Genre : Genre : Biographie/documentaire
Age of readers : Teen-adult
State : Terminé