Bosse  J.-J. Procureur
Art and story

Born in 1954, Serge Bosmans, known as Bosse, got to know Watch, Dd and Bom at the Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Brussels. The four were practically inseparable for some years and contributed to Spirou by publishing some of their initial work in the "Carte Blanche" section in 1973, before producing illustrations, whole stories and small animations.

Attracted by scriptwriting, Bosse still hesitated as to which path to take. He worked on "La Meute du fou" with Michetz and also worked with Christian Darasse to produce several long fantastic adventure stories of "Zowie" between 1979 and 1983, of which only one was featured in an album ("Le Pinceau de cristal").

The same duo turned to sci-fi with an episode of "Sin Glass: Surgi du futur" and launched into a series of strips with the title "Zro de conduite". In 1984, they created "Donjons et dragons" in Tintin, a fantasy epic inspired by the current trend of game-books in which the reader is the hero. The last episodes which they wrote together were released in 1989 by Kuifje, the Flemish survivor of Tintin which has stopped being printed in French.

At the same time, Bosse confined himself to writing the script for his friend Michetz and wrote the Japanese saga, "Kogaratsu", launched in 1982 in Spirou. His success encouraged him to put away his brushes to work solely at a typewriter. Brilliantly illustrated by his companion who had a passion for Japanese culture, "Kogaratsu" was to become one of the stars of the Reprages de Dupuis" collection.
While working on Tintin, Bosse also wrote epic fantasy adventure stories of "Hazel et Ogan" for Norma, of which two albums were produced by the short-lived ditions Blanco in 1989 and 1991, followed by a third for Soleil Production which brought these characters back to life in 1994.

A great role-play enthusiast, Bosse has a passion for jousting and chivalrous combat, be it Japanese or more markedly associated with our own Middle Ages.