Art and story

Born in 1974 in Chambray-lès-Tours, Hervé Bourhis got passionate very early for superheroes, a universe that he discovered in the monthly issue of Strange in 1984. At the age of seven, he wrote his first comics scenario: "Goldorak et les savants de Wachigtone", which will remain unpublished, probably due to his hesitant spelling. At the age of sixteen, his Art teacher told him those comics are food for retarded people. The rest of his studies, until 1997, occurred in pain and boredom. In 1999, his hopes were little by little raised as he became web graphic artist and then the comics' cult overwhelmed him again.

A little spark of hope in 2002 when he managed to publish his first album by the Humanoïdes Associés: "Thomas ou le retour du tabou", which won the Goscinny prize the same year. As a reminder, this prize rewards the best "young" comic script-writer of the year.

His meeting with R. Spiessert led them to both sign for a series by Dargaud in 2003 ("Le Stéréo Club"), in which topics portrayed his own daily activities ("Britney Forever" then "Chante pour moi").

However, his desire to depict superheroes or Vikings stories still strongly attracted him. It is in Expresso collection by Dupuis that he manages to meet the first of these two desires, publishing the "Comix Remix" series ("Feu Mister Mercure") in 2005. In the same collection, besides the sequels of his crazy adventures of uncommon characters, he started to work on a story of the second type: "Invasions et chuchotements".