Art and story

Etienne Davodeau, born on 19 October 1965 at Chaudron-en-Mauges (Maine-et-Loire), studies fine arts in Rennes. With a group of friends, among whom we recognize Joub and Jean-Luc Simon, he founds Studio B.D.Psurde, which publishes a limited edition of their collective work "La Vie tourmente d'Ernest Formidable".
In addition to working for various fanzines, he turns to the short-lived "Gnration Dargaud" collection for the publication of his first trilogy: Les Amis de Saltiel (L'homme qui n'aimait pas les arbres, 1992; Les Naufrageurs, 1993; Faux-frres, 1994). With the same company, only in the "Long Courrier" collection, he presents Le Constat in 1996, while he illustrates a children's book at Magnard (Juliette et Galipette).

He then moves on to Editions Delcourt, creating an impressive number of works showing his strong social interest: Quelques jours avec un menteur (1997), Le Rflexe de survie (1998), La Gloire d'Albert (1999), Anticyclone (2000), Rural (2001), the latter constituting a sort of illustrated report on the problems caused by the construction of a motorway section cutting through an agricultural zone. In 2002, Guy Delcourt entrusts him with the management of a comic book collection on contemporary issues.

Davodeau also writes the script of Max et Zo for his friend Joub, a series for young children which happily continues at Delcourt since 1999 (Les Voleurs de roues, Un camion pour les moutons, Des animaux bizarres, etc). He writes La Gagne, a social story confronting a conformist setting with the world of the homeless, illustrated by Jean- Luc Simon (Editions Charette, 2000). Following the autobiographic trend launched by the Association members, he re-creates his own environment for fun in L'Atelier (Editions P.M.J., 2002).

Being a part of the "Aire Libre" collection (Dupuis ) means the recognition of his still developing talent.

His series : Bike Crash Geronimo