de Douhet
de Douhet

Born in 1945, Jacques de Douhet is passionate about geopolitics. He worked as a consultant for various organisations attached to the French Ministry of Defence and was an adventurer as well as an expert: he spent a couple of years observing fishermen in the Azores in order to make a programme on traditional whale hunting.

He wrote his first cartoon script for the "Buck Danny" series. "Les Secrets de la mer Noire" was closely linked to current events at the beginning of the 90s. "Since I was very young I was brought up with Buck Danny albums", he explained. "That is why it meant so much to me when I was asked to write a few test scripts. It was as if this was my destiny ..."

Reviving one of the great classic cartoons was not a job to be taken lightly. A long period of preparation was required before arriving at a coherent project. He selected subjects with enough romantic appeal and then reread all the albums by Charlier and Hubinon. The text was developed with the primary objective of remaining faithful to the universe created by its initial authors. The result is perfectly plausible and is coherent with current events, i.e. the great changes taking place in the Soviet Union at the end of the Gorbachov era.

His series : Buck Danny Buck Danny