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Art and story

Bruno Dequier was born in 1980 in Bordeaux.

He studied graphic art in Lyon until 2003, at which point he entered the prestigious Gobelins school in Paris. Upon graduating with a specialization in animation, he was asked by the director Bibo Bergeron to work on the animated film "A Monster in Paris," joining the film's team in Nice in 2007. In 2009, Bruno began working with Universal Pictures on the film "Despicable Me."

Also in 2009, Bruno made the first sketches for "Louca," his comics series about a clumsy teenage kid trying to get by in the tough worlds of sports, school, and girls. The first volume was published by Dupuis in 2011; the fourth and final installment in the series came out in 2015 (published in English by Europe Comics).

While working on the story and art for "Louca," Bruno continued to take on projects as an animator. Other film projects have included "The Lorax" (Universal Pictures) and the sequel to "Despicable Me."