Born in Toul on 2 March 1935, Jean-Paul Dethorey studied at the Nancy Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture and devoted himself to painting; however, he was sometimes obliged to take on menial jobs purely to make a living.... even working as a house painter at the start of the sixties!

In 1964, he took his first steps in the world of cartoons for the monthly magazine Amis-Coop, with various successive series: the mysteries of Inspecteur X (written by Alain Laubry), a humorous western with Frank Giroud ("Big Boogie"), etc.

He was widely associated with the Catholic press for children and worked for Lisette ("Clmence Adlade de la Ficell, concierge" with Claire Godet and "Charlotte et Philippe" with Henriette Robitaillie), J. 2 Jeunes ("Don Quichotte"), J. 2 Magazine ("Plumedacier") and Fripounet (various short-lived series with texts provided by other writers and he also attempted his first production as sole author: "Galurin, pcheur de chapeau" and "Les Contes du calumet magique").

In 1982, he discovered his true vocation and gradually abandoned humorous cartoons for children to tackle series for adults - at Glnat - through the misadventures of "Louis la Guigne", with words by Frank Giroud. With this character he relived all the major calamities of the inter-war period.

Jean-Pierre Autheman wrote the text for "Le Voyage du bateleur" in 1987 for Vecu, Patrick Cothias then proposed that he launch the "Coeur brl" series, which he transferred to Mral after two episodes.

It was in the prestigious "Aire Libre" collection that he published his most personal work: "L'Oiseau noir" (with words by Serge Le Tendre in 1996), followed by an amazing evocation of the artistic circles of the nineteenth century ("L'Excution" in 1996) where he proved to be a superb author producing both pictures and text. He then began the "Passage de Vnus" trilogy, which evoked the major scientific and maritime explorations of yesteryear, written by Jean-Pierre Autheman.

Unfortunately, he succumbed to illness on 2 May 1996 whilst he was finishing the first half of the second volume, which was completed by his friend Franois Bourgeon.

Colourer of an extraordinary richness, primarily endowed with the sensitivity of a painter, he composed a series of pictures displaying an original and personal realism. His universe will be particularly difficult to recreate.

His series : The Venus Crossing