Dubuc  Chlo_Vollmer_Lo

Maryse Dubuc was born on 21 October 1977, in Sherbrooke, (Quebec, Canada). She grew up on a dairy farm, among cows, chickens and rabbits (fortunately, her parents managed to find a very cosy little corner for her too). She loved going to school, even managing to get through two years' work in one. She would go back there any time... if you did not have to get up quite so early!

She studied French literature, at the same time working as a colourist for a monthly cartoon magazine called PIGNOUF. She went on to colour several albums on either side of the Atlantic, for ditions 400 Coups and Vents d'Ouest, but focused mainly on writing novels for young people. She has had four works published and there are more to come in 2006, from publishers who include ditions Pierre Tisseyre and Bayard.

From the depths of the Quebec countryside to the pages of SPIROU: quite a journey!