Fromental © Chloe Vollmer-Lo

Translator, writer and publisher, as well as scriptwriter for TV, cinema and comics, Jean-Luc Fromental has had broad experience in the book and audiovisual industries, frequently in connection with illustrators.
His publishing career started with Jean-Claude Lattès, a prestigious French publishing house. Soon after, he become a critic for the newspaper "Le Matin de Paris" and co-wrote his first novel ("Le Système de l'homme mort") with François Landon. He then moved to comics, and held a number of editorial positions before arriving in the legendary and progressive "Métal Hurlant" magazine. Meanwhile, his first comic scripts, done in partnership with illustrators like Yves Chaland ("La Main coupée") and Loustal ("Mémores avec dames"), started spreading. His career also includes several children's picture books such as "Oops!" and "365 penguins" (Abrams, 2010 and 2006), and scripts for movies, like "Loulou, l'incroyable secret," which won the César, a prestigious French animation prize, in 2014.
He has most recently participated as a writer in "Le Coup de Prague" (Dupuis 2017; "The Czech Coup," Europe Comics 2018).

His series : The Czech Coup