Germaine © P. Pinchart

Born on 16 June 1972 in Paris.

Despite his unconditional love for comic books, Florent Germaine had never considered comic books from a professional point of view. Up until the day when... After giving up his studies in art history and philosophy, this young man from his adoptive town of Lyon began his military service and began to write his first scripts for comic books.

Upon returning to civilian life, he jumped from one odd job to another then, tired of writing all alone in his corner, he decided to take part in a comic book course organised by the Blois festival. That is where everything began. His meeting with Frank Giroud was a deciding factor. Both began a collaboration that closely resembled guild work. For them, all knowledge should be transferred. Working in shops specialising in comic books at the same time, Florent learned the profession from this great scriptwriter and assisted him in the series Louis Ferchot (Glénat) and Quintett (Dupuis), before co-signing L'Ecorché in the Secrets series (Dupuis).