Art and story

Born on the 1st of March 1937 in Thy-le-Chteau, Gos pursues an 11- year career in the Belgian navy, devoting himself to comic strips in his spare time.

He learns by working relentlessly and doing endless research on his own. He realises his first comic strip "Quand on est dans les cols bleus", a 10-page funny story, in 1961 for the military magazine NOS FORCES.

He then meets Peyo, who lets him develop his skill by working on letters. In 1965 he takes the plunge, quitting the army and entering the services of Studio Peyo where he assists the Master in several episodes of the "Schtroumpfs" and "Benot Brisefer".

At the same time he completes several short stories for SPIROU and writes scripts for Walthry: several episodes of "Jacky et Clestin" and the two first adventures of "Natacha, htesse de l'air". He even works with Peyo on the conclusion of the last "Spirou et Fantasio" of Franquin, "Panade Champignac".

Tillieux asks him in 1969 to help him resume his "Gil Jourdan" and take on the graphics. He illustrates four books until the death of the author, in 1979, and even finishes the last adventure the detective was involved in.

In 1972 he launches his own series, "Le Scrameustache". Scrameustache, sort of a good-humoured extraterrestrial feline equipped with state-of-the-art technology, accompanies the adolescent Khna on the journeys which take them anywhere from far-away planets to any time in the past, aiming to solve the mysteries of our planet.

Gos has developed a whole universe with the Galaxiens, the eccentric star goblin population, and the sturdy Kromoks, playing on all the possibilities of SF and fantasy for young readers.
His success has resulted in a true family business, for his son Walter, nicknamed Walt, assists him with certain episodes and is even ready to work on his own on the gags and adventures featuring the Galaxiens - so this story will definitely be continued!