Art and story

Born in Verviers on 21 February 1936, René Hausman spends part of his childhood in Westphalia.

Aged 18 he meets Raymond Macherot and drops out of school to devote himself to a drawing career, illustrating advertisements in the local newspaper and creating images for school films.

During his military service he contributes to the weekly LE MOUSTIQUE. In 1957 he illustrates the first adventures of "Saki et Zunie" in "Spirou", with a script by Yvan Delporte.

He will be known for another speciality than comic strips for twenty years, however. For the special spring issue of SPIROU in 1958 he improvises an illustration about the animal kingdom, then another... followed by hundreds of others!

He gets his own prestigious collection at Éditions Dupuis: "Terre Entière" ("La Forêt secrète", "Le Roman de Renart", "Bestiaire insolite", "Les Contes de Perrault" and the volumes of the "Fables de La Fontaine"), "La Comédie Animale" and "Le Grand Bestiaire".

Hausman is a big man with a big appetite, and becomes convinced that comic strips will feed him better than illustration. The move toward a graphic sector offering more freedom than the traditional work is increasingly appealing.

As of 1976 he creates several mildly erotic fables for FLUIDE GLACIAL (based on scripts by Binet, Delporte, Dubois, Gotlib). In 1991 they are republished entirely at Dupuis in the anthology "Allez coucher, sales bêtes!", completed with several of Yann's ideas that never got published.

Hausman's devotion to the charming "Zunie" in LE TROMBONE ILLUSTRE is followed by his great heroic-fantasy sagas with his new heroine "Laiyna", with scripts by Pierre Dubois: "La Forteresse de pierre" (1985), then "Le Crépuscule des elfes". Aire Libre welcomes these two episodes, and he illustrates two scripts by Yann for the prestigious collection, "Les Trois cheveux blancs" and "Le Prince des écureuils", made specially to suit his excessive size.

Illustrator of amazing environments and colours, creator of beautiful buxom brunettes with expressive faces, lover of nature and animals, Hausman lives in the country and has a passion for folklore. Sculptor, musician and player of several instruments, such as the bagpipes and the Czech fujara, he was the star of a folklorist Wallonian group, Les Pêletêus, and has even made a hit single in 1974.