Le Tendre
Le Tendre

Serge Le Tendre was born in Vincennes on the 1st of December, 1946, and discovers in the 70s, after a few small illustration jobs, that he is definitely better at scriptwriting than at illustrating.

So he abandons the career he had always dreamed about and produces scripts for many short stories at PILOTE, MORMOIL, TOUSSE- BOURIN, ANTIROUILLE, FLUIDE GLACIAL, MÉTAL HURLANT, FORMULE 1, FRIPOUNET and CIRCUS, taking advantage of the drawing skills of Dominique Hé, Annie Goetzinger, Alain Voss, Michel Rouge, Loisel, Max Cabanes, Michel Blanc-Dumont and many others.

This long apprenticeship begins to bear fruit in the 80s with "La Quête de l'oiseau du temps" illustrated by Loisel, his cooperation in the first episodes of "Jérôme K. Jérôme Bloche" with Makyo and Dodier, the series "Errances de Julius Antoine" for Christian Rossi and "Takuan" with Emiliano Simeoni, then TaDuc, with whom he subsequently creates "Chinaman", published first by Humanos and then by Dupuis.

At the same time, this prolific and versatile scriptwriter pursues his forays into any available magazine: FRILOUZ, CHIC, ASTRAPI, L'ÉCHO DES SAVANES, DYNAMICK, JE BOUQUINE, PILOTE-CHARLIE, OKAPI, I LOVE ENGLISH, etc. With Rodolphe he writes the long saga "Taï-Dor" at Novedi, then Vents d'Ouest, for illustrator Serrano, succeeded by Luc Foccroule.

In 1992 he is included in the prestigious Aire Libre collection with "L'Oiseau noir", illustrated by Jean-Paul Dethorey.