Lefèvre © J. Fournot

Didier Lefèvre was born in 1957. He is a photographic reporter.

He has collaborated on newspapers and magazines alone or through agencies, at various times.

He likes to go back to the same places, to spend time there, observe the changes and see people again.

Places, people, at random: Sri Lanka, the Horn of Africa, the Toreros, Malawi and recently Cambodia, the Pompiers, the inhabitants of Bougainville, the Ethiopian world running champions, the gardeners, the Mujahideen before 1992, the Hazara, Kosovo...

He made book based on his trips to Afghanistan, published by Ouest France. But he also told his great friend Emmanuel Guibert about them. Based on his photos, and his story, put into drawings by Guibert, three comic book albums, "Le Photographe", were published by Dupuis.