Ricard  Melikian

Sylvain Ricard was born in 1969, on a rainy winter's day in a rather grey suburb. Bullied by his three brothers, he was obliged to do all the household chores, otherwise he would suffer appalling physical punishments. And so it was that he grew up in a hostile world of desolation and fear. One day in May 2001, he met Christophe Gaultier who, moved by his story, lifted him onto his trusty white charger, took him under his wing and cherished him as a son (Sylvain, not the horse). Their chance encounter has resulted in heaps of wonderful books which they show to their friends with pride. Suddenly, because the friends were very jealous of this fruitful partnership, they forced Sylvain to work with them, otherwise they would beat him up (it has to be said that Sylvain, unlike his brothers and his friends, is not exactly a beefy guy). This was how Frdric Fjard (with whom he had already set up a website devoted to comic strips) and Mal and he found themselves publishing together as a trio.

Meanwhile, as he had nothing to do between completing his studies and his debut in the wonderful world of publishing, Sylvain was obliged to choose a profession and start working. Since he loves to be a social success, he chose a profession which allowed him to show off (and which made his parents very proud). For the last 15 years, he has been working in a laboratory, researching human genetics. But because his boss is a beefy guy too, he is too scared to give up the day job and earn his living from comic strips alone, in case his boss takes it out on him. That is what Sylvain's life is like, full of brawny, violent men who make him work night and day without any rest. It's a nightmare.