Rodolphe  J.-J. Procureur

A scriptwriter for "great masters" such as Raymond Povet or Ren Follet, Rodolphe has collaborated with a number of great authors of the 9th art: Lo, Jacques Ferrandez, Andr Juillard, Annie Goetzinger, Max Cabanes, Griffo, Vink and Michel Faure!
Many times nominated in Angoulme and winner of several awards, he has also worked in the children's book sector, writing the scripts for "Tom-tom et Nana" and even "Mickey."
Aside from comics (numbering over 150 titles), he has also worked in YA novels and thrillers as well as books dedicated to rock music and the '60s.
Dargaud has recently celebrated his crossing the threshold of 100 thousand sales for his series "Kenya" (also published in English by Cinebook), illustrated by Lo. In another partnership with Lo, he has also worked on the "Trent" series, recently re-published in English by Europe Comics and Cinebook (2017-2018).