Born in Saint-Denis on 31 December 1954, Christian Rossi made his first attempt at writing cartoons in Formule 1 in 1973, but made his real entrance into the profession in the early 1980s, after studying at the college of Estienne.

He has to his name an impressive gallery of characters, animated by various scriptwriters: "Valdivia le Conquistador" with Genevrier and Pons in Historiques, "Les Aventures de Claire" with Guy Hempay in Djin, "Le Maraudeur" with Jean Sanitas in Albator, "Frédéric Joubert" with Henri Filippini in Circus, "Le Chariot de Thespis" with Philippe Bonifay in Gomme, "Jules Antoine" with Serge Le Tendre in L'echo Des Savanes, "Le Cycle des deux horizons" with Makyo for Delcourt, etc.

A realist artist, strongly influenced by Jijé and Jean Giraud, he found his way by taking over the character of "Jim Cutlass" from Giraud for Casterman in 1991, the master reserving the scriptwriting for himself after the loss of Jean-Michel Charlier.

In the second volume of "Sales petits contes" in the "Humour Libre" collection dedicated to Perrault, "Barbe Blues", with a script by Yann, revealed a less well-known facet of his personality: his amazing sense of humour, helped by a dynamic, intense stroke.

His series : Contes saumâtres