Vernay  Chloe Vollmer-Lo

Valrie Vernay trained as an illustrator at the Emile Cohl school. With her illustrator's diploma under her belt, she published her first children's book "Le Gardien de la Nuit" (published by Petit Petit).
Over time, she edged her way onto the comic book scene step by step, a secret dream she never thought would be possible. She started by participating in several collective works, and worked as a colourist on "Sexy Gun," volumes 1 and 2 (published by Soleil), before creating volume 1 of the comic book adaptation of the "La guerre des Boutons" (published by Petit Petit).
At the same time, she illustrated another children's book "Perdus dans la fort" (published by Magnard).
She has now created her very own series "Agathe Saugrenu," with Vincent Zabus on the script (published by Dupuis), and is continuing to do children's illustrations for magazines on the side (published by Milan and Normandie Junior). Also with Dupuis, Vernay produced "La mmoire de l'eau" in collaboration with Mathieu Reyns (2016 Europe Comics, "Water Memory").