Born on 6 December 1967 in Carcassonne, Claire Wendling attends the École des Beaux-Arts in Angoulême and wins the Alph'Art Avenir prize, awarded during the sixteenth Comic Book Festival of the same city in 1989.

With Christophe Gibelin writing the script, her series "Les Lumières de l'Amalou" (five volumes and a complete collection published by Delcourt) places her firmly in the ranks of the stars of modern illustrating. To such an extent that the USA knocks on her door in 1996. She will spend a year at Warner working on designs for cartoon film animations.

Shortly before she leaves, she teams up with Yann to start work on one of the most famous of Hans Christian Andersen stories, "La Petite sirène", for the first volume of the "Sales petits contes" in the "Humour Libre" collection.

Upon her return to the Old World, she turns her hand to illustrating "Aphrodite", a heroine in the sulphurous universe created by the writer Pierre Louÿs, a glorious exponent of the literary eroticism of the Belle époque.

But we can expect all kinds of ventures from an illustrator, who, as she says herself, is so preoccupied by, "exploring new things and opening up new doors, mainly through painting", and who will continue her work on animated drawings and video game design.

His series : Contes saumâtres