Mumu la bâtarde

 A humorous take on the appalling decadence of the pre-historic period.
Back then, if you were a tribal chief, you could walk around with nothing on, have several wives, and exchange them for goats. Back then, if you were a kid, you could throw rhino dung at other kids, sleep with cuddly animals (real ones), love and care for them, and then cook them on a spit till they were done. Back then, if you only had two legs, you could get eaten alive by a saber-toothed tiger or trampled to death by a herd of mammoth. You could also poison anyone you didn't like and ride into battle on the back of an auroch...
Ah, those were the days! In fact, life was a whole lot more fun... back then.

Yann et Lereculey nous offrent une aventure bien saignante de ces hommes pas franchement cro-mignons qui furent nos lointains ancêtres. Et ils nous prouvent à coups de brochettes de pangolin nappées de sauce à la fiente de chauve-souris, que l'humanité c'était davantage auroch'n roll, Avant.

  • Release 01/03/2019
  • Genre : Aventure
  • Collection : Dupuis "Grand Public"
  • Age of readers : Youth
  • Hardcover album - 52 pages en color
  • Height : 320 mm / Width : 240 mm
  • ISBN: 9782800174570
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