Art and story

Born on 19 August 1947 in Ixelles, Michel Weyland attends a fine arts course at the Institut Saint-Luc in Bruxelles.

In 1968-1969, in his last year at college, he publishes a humorous and stylised science fiction series in TINTIN: "Stro-land", which will be discontinued after some thirty pages of adventures.

Up to 1979, he makes a living selling apples and unloading lorries and then finds work at a large printer in Brussels. When time allows, he teaches himself to draw, determined as he is to make this his profession.

The Belgian weekly POURQUOI PAS? takes a few of his humorous drawings in 1974, during this long period of hardship.

His luck takes a turn for the better in August 1979 when he creates his character "Aria" in his spare time and finalises the draft of her first adventure. In September, he takes a leap into the unknown and leaves his job at the printer to devote himself completely to comic books.

He figures again in TINTIN at the end of 1979, after an absence of some ten years, with humorous short story ("Mariage dans la septime dimension") and two other works of a more realistic and historical nature ("Le Chevalier de Prdor" and "L'Interview exclusive de Nostradamus").

In 1980, Aria commences her antics on horseback in TINTIN and will soon become an established figure of the Heroic Fantasy genre. Wanting to move into adventures written for adults and adolescents, Weyland becomes a contributor to the "Reprages" collection published by ditions Dupuis in 1994.

Although he has always remained faithful to his paper girlfriend since her creation, Weyland will create a story that mixes science- fiction and fairy stories in 1988: "Yvanalle, la dame de Mordorez". However, he still feels that even a full lifetime may not suffice to recount the exploits of the seductive horsewoman and her descendants.

His series : Aria