Dupuis "Tous Publics"

Comic books full of humor or adventure suitable for the whole family.

Dupuis "Grand Public"

A collection of series that explore all kinds of adventure comic books: thriller, science fiction, western, fantasy...

Dupuis "Patrimoine"

Legendary series published in compilations to allow everyone to access a mythical heritage of comics.

Dupuis "Auteurs"

The laboratory dedicated to contemporary creation.

Aire Libre

Prestigious books, produced by the best contemporary cartoonists who place Man at the heart of their stories and drawings.


A collection for kids from the age of 3.


A new reading of the masterpieces of the golden age of the Franco-Belgian comic strip in a prestigious format for lovers of fine books and literature.

Les illustres (Niffle)

A small collection carefully illustrated with biographies and interviews to discover the major authors of comics.


The new collection of the new generation.

Dupuis "My first comic book"

A collection for kids from the age of 3.