The Children of Other Places

Noé, Théo and Maxime, three inseparable friends, observe the funeral of old man Gab. They meet Rebecca, the adopted granddaughter of the deceased. Spellbound, the three boys rush to accompany Rebecca who has decided, without her parents' consent, to visit her grandfather's house. On entering the house, the children discover a strange, abandoned place. An old cat and a mynah bird have even been forgotten there. But when the setting sun disappears little by little behind a strip of cloud, the mynah bird begins to gesticulate and shriek, warning the children of imminent danger. The children, managing to turn on the light, with a fright surprise a shadow that was preparing to throw itself on them before the saving light made it flee... A saga in three volumes suitable for those aged six and over.
Genre : Genre : Fantastique/ésotérique / Aventure
Age of readers : Youth
State : En cours