La petite souriante

What do you do when you hate your wife and you're sleeping with your stepdaughter? If you're ostrich farmer Pep, you beat your wife's head in with a shovel when your stepdaughter asks you to. You might do it some rainy night, and toss the body down a well for good measure. You might even think you're getting some money out of it. But if you're hapless and unlucky as Pep is, you might find yourself trapped in a hell of your own making, endlessly wondering: how many times do you have to kill someone before they're really dead?

Gore et épouvantable, « La petite souriante » ? C'est oublier le talent de conteur de Zidrou, allié aux sombres ambiances de Springer, qui nous offrent avec cet album un récit noir, une excellente spirale d'horreur et de folie. Une BD de genre terriblement grinçante, à vous filer la chair d'autruche.

  • Release 02/02/2018
  • Genre : Suspens & Thrillers
  • Collection : Dupuis "Grand Public"
  • Age of readers : Adult
  • Hardcover album - 72 pages en color
  • Height : 258 mm / Width : 195 mm
  • ISBN: 9782800168593
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