Chaminou et le Khrompire (1964)

Prepublished in a 1964 edition of the Spirou magazine, this story from Raymond Macherot is often considered to be not only his own personal masterpiece, but a masterpiece of the bande dessinée in general.

The world of 'Chaminou et le Khrompire' is characterized by its cynical take on the sixties. We discover a town shimmering with neons where advertising has infiltrated absolutely everything, including people's own home televisions screens. The Délysse pasta advert has, despite its years, managed to maitain its infuriating modernity. Macherot also attacks the myth of the secret agent, aping the likes of the James Bond adventures then invading the cinemas. Chaminou, our hero and the secret police agent of the King, is totally overwhelmed by the events of a story in which cannibalism and plastic surgery make up just some of the factors that make this work far too adult for the Spirou readers of the time.
Collection : 50/60
Genre : Genre : Humour / Aventure / Action
Age of readers : From 12 years on
State : Terminé