Le chanteur perdu

Library clerk Jean is cracking up. He's thrown out all the books, all the CDs, and all the DVDs, everything--except one old cassette tape of songs. Who the singer was, no one now knows, but it's Jean's mission to find him--and his journey takes him to a deserted island off Madagascar...
Didier Tronchet surrounds his central theme of running away with a string of others that reach just as deeply into our inner selves: the indelibility of youthful dreams; the emotional power of the songs that mark out our lives; the transience of travel as a kind of therapy; the possibility or impossibility of making a fresh start; the illusions and delusions of being away from home; the expectations and inevitable disappointments of coming face to face with a childhood idol; and above all, whether crossing the world in search of yourself leads you to the discovery of someone else...
In this voyage of discovery--both physical and psychological--Tronchet uses playfulness, humor, and self-deprecation to penetrate our hearts and souls.  
Collection : Aire Libre
Genre : Genre : Roman graphique
Age of readers : Teen-adult
State : En cours