Red Taïga

Transbaikalia, winter 1920. Ferdinand Ossendowski comes from Saint-Petersburg. Down there, at the faculty of medicine, he was the most rebellious of the students. Nevertheless, after the revolution, the political commissioner who had come from Moscow did not find him to be red enough for his taste. Ferdinand had to escape, leaving behind him the memory of the beautiful Natasha... For a city dweller, crossing the forests of Transbaikalia on foot is not a pleasurable stroll. Wolves of all kinds await him on his path, but so does friendship with the cavalryman Djam Gordou, a proud representative of the Uriahay people. His knowledge of weaponry, as welle as of human souls, will guarantee Ferdinand's survival because between the red guards and the Cossacks of the white army, travelling in these lands torn apart by the civil war is not strongly advised...
Collection : Aire Libre
Genre : Genre : Aventure / Historique
Age of readers : Teen-adult
State : En cours