Standard de Liège

Julie takes her son Nathan to watch Standard Liège, one of the top Belgian soccer teams, for the first time, and tells him how she first fell in love with the legendary club.
Ten years earlier: Julie is still single and going through a rough patch. The company she works for, training disabled people to do various jobs, is struggling. If it closes, the staff will be laid off. Her father, a fanatical Standard supporter, persuades Julie to go to a match with him. He says it'll cheer her up. Her initial skepticism quickly evaporates as she's captivated by the atmosphere, the uninterrupted singing and dancing.
As it happens, one of her trainees, a young disabled man called Olivier, is also a passionate Standard supporter. So she decides to take him to a match, so that he, too, can experience this electrifying atmosphere. 
Genre : Genre : Biographie/documentaire
Age of readers : Tout Public
State : En cours