The Little Men - Compilation

A strange meteorite falls in the middle of France and provokes a surprising epidemic: all those who touch it are transformed into creatures only a few centimetres tall. This is how the society of Small Men is created, a peaceful society that is very advanced technologically but is always cautious not to be discovered by the 'Big Ones'... On Earth as in Space, the Small Men, with Renaud at their head, are always ready to dive into adventure. Small Men existed before these albums came out. Short stories published in Spirou at the end of the 60s were the first to tell the story of the Small Men's world and adventures. Assembled here at last, they form the genesis of a Dupuis classic, to (re)discover for the first time in 40 years.
Collection : Dupuis "Patrimoine"
Genre : Genre : Science-fiction / Aventure
Age of readers : Tout Public
State : En cours