Trilogie avec dames

Alongside Franquin, Morris, Roba and Peyo, Will is one of the authors that make up the heritage of maison Spirou. For more than thirty years, he led one of flagship series of the éditions Dupuis, "Tif et Tondu". At the age of 62, this artist devoted to the child public suddenly revealed a new side to his talent, marked by sensuality. With a storyline by Stephen Desberg, "Le jardin des désirs" is one of the historic books in the Aire Libre collection, created only one year previously, in 1988 by Jean Van Hamme and Philippe Vandooren. Will and Desberg can therefore be considered to be among the founding authors of this publishing gem of the éditions Dupuis. Next, in this same erotic-literary vein, the pair of accomplices created two other books, "La 27e lettre", also for Aire Libre, and "L'appel de l'Enfer", at P&T Production. These three initiatory stories, dedicated to Eros and created in direct colours, consistently follow the same aesthetic and narrative approach. Will passed away a few years later, in 2000. "Trilogie avec dames" shows itself to be his graphical testament by gathering his last jubilatory fireworks under the same cover
Collection : Aire Libre
Genre : Genre : Roman graphique
Age of readers : Teen-adult
State : Terminé