Le roman d'Aire Libre

The 'Aire Libre' collection celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2008. For two decades, this prestigious label from Dupuis has broadened the horizons of the comic book world and introduced some of the greatest contemporary authors in the genre. Today, 'Aire Libre' itself is the setting for the story. Thierry Bellefroid is a journalist and novelist. His works include 'Les éditeurs de bande dessinée', published by Niffle in 2005, and a book of interviews with Christophe Arleston in 2008. For the novel 'Aire Libre', Bellefroid brings together some of the major players of the collection to tell the story of one of the most exciting adventures in the history of comics publication.

  • Release 03/10/2008
  • Genre : Roman graphique
  • Collection : Aire Libre
  • Age of readers : Teen-adult
  • Softcover album - 192 pages black and white
  • Height : 190 mm / Width : 147 mm
  • ISBN: 9782800142814
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