On a tué Wild Bill

Coeurs sauvages mis à nu
America should have loads of lads like you, Melvin Hubbard. The spirit
of pioneers, courageous, stubborn, a head full of dreams and two arms to
make them come true, the pride of Uncle Sam. Pay no attention to the
bad boys, Melvin Hubbard: their dirty work only profits Colt, Smith
& Wesson. And their brains that stink of misfortune are no bigger
than a pea lost in a marshalling yard. The same goes for those who are
able to pass for heroes, because they have killed a killer like Wild
Bill Hickock. And you know, this Wild Bill, he was a good lad like you,
only when the bullet entered his skull, it was scared of the empty space
and escaped through his mouth. You are alone, Melvin? And your promise?
Jesus, gunned down by one of these filthy swine... Don't be an idiot,
Melvin Hubbard. You, you have a head full of dreams.

Un western réaliste et âpre signé Hermann, qui laisse s'exprimer toute l'ampleur de son talent de conteur et de dessinateur. On retrouve ici les thèmes chers à Hermann : un héros sans attaches, confronté à la bêtise, à la violence et à l'injustice d'un monde régi par la loi du plus fort, et qui y répond à sa manière, et selon la morale qu'il s'est forgée.

  • Release 03/05/2013
  • Genre : Western
  • Collection : Aire Libre
  • Age of readers : Teen-adult
  • Hardcover album - 64 pages en color
  • Height : 310 mm / Width : 237 mm
  • ISBN: 9782800157382
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