Boule et Bill Hors-série

An exclusive special edition of one of the most famous columns in Spirou magazine: "L'Avis de chien de Bill". With 32 never-before-seen stories from Delporte and Roba and a 33rd written by Delporte and illustrated by Verron in 2005.
Le Journal de Spirou featured a great number of columns that built the foundation of its golden age. In the tradition of "En direct de la rédaction", where Franquin and Delporte imagined a series of wild adventures with Gaston, the legendary "L'Avis de chien de Bill" offered up the point of view of the most renowned cocker spaniel in comics about our strange human activities.
Collection : Dupuis "Patrimoine"
Genre : Genre : Humour / Aventure
Age of readers : Tout Public
State : Terminé