Millenium Saga

Lisbeth Salander and a group of hackers are preparing to pirate a huge data center and expose scandalous information from the heart of the Swedish secret service. But it's no walk in the park. Trinity, one of Lisbeth's hacker friends, has just been kidnapped. It seems that only someone with a network like Mikael Blomkvist will be able to help here. The journalist is working on an important inquest into the arrival of the extreme right at the gates of power, an issue not all
that far off Lisbeth's own preoccupations... Following the six-part comic book adaptation of the international saga, Stieg Larsson's successors have entrusted Dupuis Publishing and Sylvain Runberg with the sequel to the Millennium adventure with a whole series of brand new plotlines. This first album, illustrated by Belén Ortega, sets in motion a three-part cycle that plunges the Millennium world into the most topical issues of today's news. A Wikileaks
style thriller!

Genre : Genre : Suspens & Thrillers
Age of readers : Teen-adult
State : En cours