Mission 2

When your old man's a police captain, it can make for some lonely evenings at home! Tom would know. But when the investigation his father is working on implicates Fabian, one of the hall monitors at his middle school, Tom decides to find out for himself what's going on. With his best friend Lilia by his side, he sets out to catch the bad guys. They suddenly find themselves trailing suspects, following clues, going undercover, and even getting into high-speed chases! The only thing is they have to do it all in absolute secrecy, so that Tom's father doesn't suspect their involvement. To do so, they'll have to become real-life anonymous informers. But just where will all of this lead?

Le dessinateur James Christ intègre cette narration à suspense dans un décor urbain réaliste en soignant la dynamique de ses découpages à la manière des comics. Derrière la mécanique du polar, une intrigue plus psychologique se tisse autour d'un drame adolescent, mêlant suicide et vengeance. De bons ingrédients pour réfléchir tout en passant un bon moment.

  • Release 17/01/2020
  • Genre : Aventure / Crimes & mystères / Action
  • Collection : Dupuis "Tous Publics"
  • Age of readers : Tout Public
  • Hardcover album - 56 pages en color
  • Height : 300 mm / Width : 218 mm
  • ISBN: 9791034736829
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