Drawings - Scenario


© P. Pinchart

Born in France in 1947, Georges Bess was introduced to comic books in Sweden where he lived in the 70's. Often signing as either Tideli or Nisseman, he carried out the interim of several Nordic cartoonists and has collaborated at the local version of the American MAD, which led him to the United-States where he realised several episodes of the famous "Fantôme du Bengale"(Ghost of Bengal).

It was his meeting with Alexandro Jodorowsky in 1987 which introduced him to the circuit of the French and Belgium's comics. Together they created the Tibetan series of the "Lama Blanc" (six episodes from 1988 to 1993 at the publisher "Humanoïdes Associés") and "Les Jumeaux magiques" for MICKEY'S JOURNAL (an album at the publisher Hachette in 1987, reedited by the Humanoids in 2003). Always with Jodorowsky and the Humanoids, Bess developed "Anibal 5" the android secret agent (two albums in 1990 and 1992) and "Juan Solo", the tragic destiny of a mystic and violent thug (four episodes from 1995 to 1999).

Bess gradually detached himself of his favourite scriptwriter in order to completely realise his own stories. In 1998, he published at the Humanoids "Escondida", a series of seven brief stories of the atmosphere where his own realist style begins to mature. In 1999, between Milo Manara and Claire Wendling, he illustrated for his usual editor the second of three parts of the adaptation of the "Aphrodite", the erotic masterpiece of the grecophile writer and poet Pierre Louÿs. In the spirit of his "Escondida", he composed afterwards with Layla Bess the series "Leela" and "Krishna" (two parts at the Carabas editions in 2000).

In the collection "Repérages" of Editions Dupuis, the series "Pema Ling" announced his return to his passion for the Himalayan peoples as well their specific customs and philosophy.